We need to plan to make our family safe and secure when an emergency disaster happens. Predicting man-made and natural disaster is not always definite. It can happen at any time. Some emergency disaster includes:

  • Natural disaster (Example: flood, earthquake, tsunami)
  • Blackouts
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Disease outbreaks

Thus, it is best to be prepared at all cost. You need to have an emergency plan with your family. You need to discuss how to respond with different types of emergency disaster. Moreover, it is best to discuss how to prepare when it happens, this way you will know how to survive and work your way out. Do not forget to give each family member a role, so you would have teamwork.

Here are the following things to prepare for an emergency disaster:

Emergency Supply Kit

You need to gather the things you need to survive. When an emergency disaster strikes, there will be no enough time to search and buy for supplies in the market. Thus, buy the needed things beforehand. Your emergency supply kit should include:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Prescription medicine that you maintain
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Whistle
  • Extra batteries

It is best to prepare water and food for at least 3 days. A person needs 1 gallon a day, make sure to have enough water for your family. Moreover, do not forget to prepare water for your pets. For foods, it is best to choose instant and canned foods. Do not forget to spare a can opener to your supply kit. Whistle and battery-powered radio will help you call for help.

After you have gathered these items, be sure to put it together in a bag or container that’s easy to carry. If possible, the container should be waterproof.

Where to put the emergency kit supply?

You are not sure where you will be when an emergency disaster happens. Thus, you need to prepare an emergency kit supply for the following places:

  • Home: You should place the emergency kit supply in a place where you can quickly reach it. Moreover, make sure that all of your family members know where the kit is placed.
  • Work: In times of disaster and you are stranded in your work office for at least 24 hours, it is better to have your emergency kit. These necessities can make you comfortable and safe for quite some time.
  • Vehicle: It is important to have an emergency kit in your car in case you get stranded in times of disaster.

Furthermore, you have to maintain your emergency supply kit to be sure that all the supplies are ready when needed. Store your goods, especially the food in a cool and dry place. Also, check the expiry date of the items and replace them when needed. You have to assess the supplies in your emergency kit as the family’s need changes over time.

It is best to be alert and prepared at all times.