The National Preparedness Month is right in the corner! September is an annual campaign for disaster readiness campaign. We do not have to prepare our homes for emergencies every day, yet we should be prepared as we do not know when the worst will happen.

You need to be prepared to live in peace and comfort. There are a couple of organizations and associations who disseminate helpful information. We want to keep it simple for you, we summarized the important information you have to grasp.

Make some research

You have to know what kind of disasters might happen in your location. There’s no such thing as disaster-free locations.

Familiarize evacuation routes and shelter locations

It is your duty to know the evacuation routes of your home. It is best to draw a map and post it nearby the door to give your family an idea where to go. In case of evacuation, you have to know which shelter location you have to go.

During evacuation, you have to follow the instructions of the local officials. Be sure to secure your home before leaving. If you choose to stay at home, prepare your battery-powered flashlights and radio.

Get emergency alerts

Sign up for an emergency alert, this is how local officials can communicate with you. Weather forecasts and National Disaster Risk Management authorities will announce severe weather conditions.

Stay calm if you are caught away from home

The odds may not be in your favor this time, you might be caught up away from home. We all know this is an unexpected emergency, stay calm. You should stay calm yet alert on how you would respond to the situation. Make sure to plan beforehand how you would reconnect to your family.

Emergency Supply Kit

It is important to have an emergency supply kit in your home, car, and workplace. You need to have the basic needs to survive a day or two when caught on an emergency disaster. Make sure that your supplies are ready to use and not expired.

You may have a family member who needs special attention

You may have a senior, infant, toddler, or person who needs special needs. When you plan for an emergency disaster, you should include the things that they might need. Moreover, you have to make sure that your neighbors know the situation. It is important to check on each other, we never know when disasters will hit.

Include your pets in your emergency plan

Emergency plans are made to keep our family safe and it includes our pets. If you have a pet, have a pet emergency kit. Do not leave them behind in times of trouble. Remember, they are man’s bestfriend.

Learn emergency skills

There are agencies and institutions who offer training courses for emergency situations. It is quite handy to know how to operate a fire extinguisher, shut off appliances in your house, and perform CPR.

These measures can surely save your life.